General Information

Looking to Join Our Community?

Our ENROLLMENT Process is now open 

​If you are interested in transferring to our school community, you may submit your online application 2023-2024 Enrollment. 

steps in applications


  2. Proceed to email the following documents to in order to be considered: Referral form completed by guidance counselor , Transcript, Copy of IEP if applicable, School Immunization Record, Attendance Report, & Photo ID
  3. Intake student/family will get called for a virtual interview 
  4. 2-3 days student will receive an acceptance call if accepted. 

If you get invited back for an Online Interview, please provide:

1) Transcript from your current school and/or your Guidance Counselor information
2) Most recent attendance record
3) Photo ID (school or State ID)

Please provide us with copies of these documents if you can.   

Additional Documents to Provide:

1) Referral form completed by guidance counselor
2) Up-to-date transcript
3) Immunization record - from your school
4) Birth certificate
5) Social security card (if applicable)